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Thursday, May 12, 2016
Life Change is totally worth it!

February of 2012 it's obvious I wasn't yet disgusted with myself as I was still working on growing that spare tire. I would say "it's who I am" sure I thought that, yet on the inside I was struggling. I struggled with self-esteem yet I exuded it somehow, I struggled with confidence yet I beamed in it. Everyday was a struggle on the inside with who I really was. it's obvious I wasn't yet disgusted with myself.....You see, I had been in great shape before, in fact I had lost over 125 pounds when the doctor uttered these words " if you don't change your ways, you are going to die" that resonated pretty hard and eventually did make me change my ways, set some goals and I achieved them. ...

Oh to be 29 again, NOT!
Thursday, May 12, 2016
Life Change is totally worth it!

How often do we hear the phrase on someone's birthday "29 again" well I for one will never utter those words. At 29 I was a lost soul, out of shape and going through the motions of life but not truly living. Pictures may tell a 1000 words yet they can't describe how I was feeling in the photos from 1995. Fast forward to 2016 I am more ALIVE than ever and would only look back on lessons, lessons learned as I look forward to a life filled with purpose and passion, because I chose to surrender that which held me back and you can too! 

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